Ways You Can Help This Show Continue

4 ways you can help us continue to share the life our our Savior, Jesus Christ.

#1 Attend our show!
#2 Donate any amount of money!
#3 Share our God’s Messenger’s post with your friends, maybe they could have the means to help us continue!
#4 Purchase one of these Etsy items or custom order one. All proceeds go to God’s Messenger’s.
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For the past 8 years myself, and many other beautiful and inspirational people have fought to keep this Inspirational Show going. With several sleepless nights and a lot of PRAYERS, blood, sweat and tears we have managed to keep it going. Many people continue to sacrifice time and money to keep this production a float, and I am beyond grateful for their love and sacrifice.

Financially we are beginning to run out of means to continue, as I myself have funded the loss each year. Each year I search, ponder, and pray in order to find out if I should continue to fight for this show, and each year I get this overwhelming sensation that I should do everything in my power to continue to share the life of our Savior. With so much doubt and negativity in the world, we need to share our love at every moment, and we especially need to remember Him.

I have always known that through a strong faith and belief in our Savior, Jesus Christ that an extra pressure from the adversary would come. Satan wants nothing more than to see this show fail, and will continue to do everything in his power to stop it.

I continue to fight for it with the support of a very loving and kind husband, but our funding has now been maxed out. I am often ridiculed for keeping it, because letting go of this show would give our home a large raise and save us a lot of sadness when we struggle. Most people consider me crazy for investing the time and money that I do into this cause, and I totally understand where they are coming from. I often doubt myself especially when I am faced with situations of not being able to give my little guy the things I want him to have.

Making the decision to keep this dance company started a strong financial struggle for my family and my business. It sometimes becomes almost unbearable and I often reach the point of quitting before an Angel steps in to help us continue for a bit longer.

Coming from a very humble home in my youth, and knowing what it is like to truly struggle and live in the most modest manner makes me nervous to ask money from anyone. I am grateful that I am proved wrong by many generous people who share my same love for our Savior, and help donate their time and money to this cause.

I am crazy, and It would clearly be easier to just quit, but I had one last thing I could do and that is to open this up to those of you who would be willing to help us in this desperate time of need. I know I need to continue to fight for this show, and I am here with a pleading heart asking for any help you can give.

I have listed above 4 ways you could help save this company and help us continue to share the light of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I thank you in advance for your love and support!

2016 Show Costs (Some Estimates)

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