About Us

God’s Messengers is an inspirational dance show based on the life of Christ. It explores the different elements of the bible stories we’re all so familiar with. They are some of the same elements which help us still today to find happiness and hope in this turbulent world. With a common goal to uplift and inspire, we as dancers are united to make this a positive and memorable experience for our audience members.

We would like to offer a very special thank you to all of our company members, choreographers, and committee members. This is a very special show to us, and we have been so blessed to work with such talented, beautiful women. We would also like to thank our sponsors, and we hope that you will take time to look through each of their ads in this program. We are very grateful to all of our youth performers and their parents for being a part of this. We appreciate the beautiful spirit these youth add to the show. Our company is called God’s Messengers because we are striving to share God’s message of hope that exists because of His son, Jesus Christ. We are so grateful to have this opportunity to use our talents to help you, our audi-ence member, feel His love. We hope you feel something special and that you leave inspired to follow our Savior Jesus Christ.