About God's Messenegrs

God's Messengers is an inspirational dance show based on the life of Christ. It explores the different elements of the bible stories we're all so familiar with. They are some of the same elements which help us still today to find happiness and hope in this turbulent world. With a common goal to uplift and inspire, we as dancers are united to make this a positive and memorable experience for our audience members.

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Funding & Donations

Financially we are beginning to run out of means to continue, as I myself have funded the loss each year. Each year I search, ponder, and pray in order to find out if I should continue to fight for this show, and each year I get this overwhelming sensation that I should do everything in my power to continue to share the life of our Savior. With so much doubt and negativity in the world, we need to share our love at every moment, and we especially need to remember Him. I thank you in advance for your love and support!

Our Dancers

Below are the pictures of our beautiful dancers and choreographers.


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